Radiant City is an arts education provider specializing in music, poetry and visual arts workshops with a focus on developing leadership skills and self empowerment. We facilitate a safe environment to foster positive communication skills, encourage leadership and cooperation in groups, and to encourage creativity and self expression as a means to build self esteem and confidence. We have worked with hundreds of different organizations and thousands of students throughout Michigan and Ohio including public, private and charter schools, library systems, after school programs, and most recently, Youth Detention and Rehabilitation Centers as part of a National Endowment of the Arts Grant. Using Hip Hop Culture as a spring board, we utilize a hands-on approach to teach Music Production and Technological Skills, Visual Art, Spoken Word Poetry and Lyric Building.

Above is a video we made as a collaboration with (Woman and Men of excellence) of Woodward High School. We hosted an overnight lock-in at the frederick douglas center in toledo where
we wrote and recorded a song, created and filmed a choreographed dance and painted a mural in one
very long night...

What we create

We begin each session with a high energy warm up that allows for loud voices, and bass booming expression. We use call and response, heavy beats, and smiles to get the creative juices flowing.

Groups are formed which allow for focused word play. We use poetic liscense and constructive guidance to create the foundation for the album. students are able to work together to express their feelings and aspirations in ways never imagined.

Music-                                                     Utilizing modern recording techniques, the students learn how to create, arrange, record and produce their own compositions which will in turn become the music used to
accompany the lyrics being written. a hands-on approach to the recording process gives the students a start-to finish experience of how music is produced.

 Visual-                                                   participants round out their experience by taking part in the making of visual art. taking   from the theme of the lyrics and music, students create a dialogue through muraling, collage , and design which will later be used for album art.